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Voices of Resilience – Water, Food & Climate

Changes in precipitation patterns, extreme weather events, reductions in water availability and increases in temperatures are impacting food availability, access and quality, affecting nutrition, health and livelihoods. Co-presented by the Australian Water Partnership, the Secretariat for the Pacific Community (SPC), Indigenous groups, and NGOs focusing on food (TBC), the session will use a 3D model to demonstrate impacts of climate change on communities and their water and food systems.  There will also be “riverside” chats on how diverse knowledge, including from Indigenous and local communities in Australia and the Pacific, supports water resilient food systems and identifies how climate change impacts these systems. Combining practices such as rainwater harvesting, re-introduction of traditional climate tolerant crops, and community governance models, with data, models and western science provides a more robust approach to resilience. 

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December 10 - 15:00
December 10 - 17:00
Opening Day
Blue Zone

Adaptation Climate & Environment Indigenous peoples Solutions


Australian Water Partnership

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