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Climate, Housing and Health: How to Build Inclusive and Equitable Urban Resilience

Cities beckon with promises of progress and prosperity.
Yet, they grapple with a growing roster of challenges—climate disasters, socio-economic disparities, and health crises—amidst unprecedented environmental shifts.
Marginalized communities bear the brunt of these challenges.
Urban resilience stands as our beacon, equipping cities to withstand shocks and adapt to chronic stresses, shaping proactive, inclusive communities.
At its core, a dynamic nexus converges: climate, housing, and health.
Climate change intensifies extreme events, while housing quality and equity influence health outcomes.
This session explores innovative solutions, guiding us toward cities that are resilient, equitable, and primed for a promising future.
To build resilient cities, we must recognize the complex interactions between climate, housing, and health.
This session explores innovative solutions to address these intertwined challenges, placing equity at the center of our approach.
By fostering equitable resilience and sustainable urban solutions, we can forge a future where cities are robust in the face of adversity and inclusive, offering opportunities and security for all residents.
A panel of experts will take us on a deep dive into the topic, unpacking the interplay of climate, housing and health, with a captivating and interactive dialogue among 5 speakers each representing a unique perspective and expertise on the topic.

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December 06 - 13:30
December 06 - 14:30
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