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Unlocking Sustainable Land Use and Adaptation Investments for climate action: Innovative finance solutions

UNEP is at the forefront of fostering innovative financial solutions to address pressing global challenges related to sustainable land use and adaptation as part of climate action. This event will delve into these pioneering initiatives, engage in in-depth discussions, and explore how these initiatives are instrumental in promoting sustainable land use, enhancing ecosystem resilience, and catalyzing public and private investment for climate action. The event will also showcase the innovation of financial solutions that UNEP has nurtured in land use and adaptation.


  • Pedro Moura Costa, Sustainable Investment Management (SIM)
  • Michael Schlup, Managing Director, Sail Ventures
  • Ali Raza Rizvi, Head, Climate Change, Centre for Economy and Finance, IUCN
  • Alvin Chandra, Global Coordinator, Adaptation Policy and Partnerships, UNEP
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December 04 - 11:45
December 04 - 12:30
Opening Day
Blue Zone

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