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AI for Climate: A Startup Perspective

This event explores the transformative potential of Artificial Intelligence in addressing climate change challenges. The panel brings together visionary leaders at the forefront of AI-focused startups that aim for environmental sustainability.

The objectives of this event are twofold: Firstly, to explore and showcase how innovators are harnessing the power of AI to tackle climate challenges. Secondly, to discuss the potential negative effect of unregulated AI on the climate and reinforce the importance of ethics.

The conversation will consider five key topics: data, technologies, financial resources, AI trust, and AI climate impacts.


Whether you’re a seasoned AI enthusiast or a climate advocate seeking innovative solutions, this event promises to inspire and enlighten, fostering a deeper understanding of how technology can be harnessed to safeguard our planet.



  • Rana Hajirasouli.  Founder, The Surpluss
  • Farid Tejani. CTO, COO/Founder, Yokahu
  • Osama Al-Muqbel. CTO, Seafood Souq
  • Susan Graham. CEO, Dendra Systems


  • Moderator: Rika Nakazawa. CEO, Founder & VC Investor
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December 06 - 15:15
December 06 - 16:00
Opening Day
Blue Zone

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