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FAIRR-hosted Event: Climate-Finance-Food Nexus: Navigating the Climate Risks and Opportunities

Finance Day, Monday, 4 December | 14:00-14:45 EET | Food4Climate Pavilion (Blue Zone) co-sponsored by the Jeremy Coller Foundation At this FAIRR-hosted event, we will navigate the intricate interplay of global climate change, financial systems, and food production.
The event is designed to provide critical insights into the livestock industry and its critical role in meeting our climate goals.
During the event, the FAIRR Initiative's Climate Risk Tool will be demonstrated by Simi Thambi PhD, Climate Economist.
This innovative tool combines a global land use model with company-level financial information of the biggest meat and dairy producers, to showcase the magnitude of financial risks that the livestock investment sector is likely to face under different scenarios of global warming.
The findings from the tool underline the necessity for investors to acknowledge these embedded risks and consider the potential for portfolio diversification towards more sustainable, environmentally friendly investment strategies.
The presentation will be followed by a panel of leading industry experts who will share their perspectives on opportunities that can be leveraged to amplify the role of this sector in meeting global climate and nature ambitions.
The confirmed speakers include: Standard Setting- Luiz Amaral, CEO, SBTi Academic- Professor Nick Robins, LSE MDBs- Graham Watkins, Chief of Climate Change, Inter-American Development Bank  Region- Yunwen Bai, Vice President, IFS, Beijing Sean Kidney- CEO, Climate Bonds Initiative We will have FAIRR presence in Dubai from Nov 30 to Dec 12, with the majority there on 4-10 Dec .

For questions, please contact Abigail.Lee@fairr.org in our FAIRR Policy Team

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December 04 - 14:00
December 04 - 14:45
Opening Day
Blue Zone

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